How Long Does It Take To Build A Custom Website

Once you have your business in motion it might be surprising to discover how long does it take to build a custom website? The best practice to develop and launch a professionally designed website is to plan a clear strategy along with a proactive web development company.  

The Bit Lounge recommends that you plan ahead and be prepared for 30 – 60 days before your website launch date.  

Why so long?  There is much needed time for a professional design company to do an analysis of your business needs.   This includes gathering details about your company in order to create great content about your product or service.  Additionally, websites with professional quality digital images that suit your specific business profile have a demonstrable increase of views.   Content creation is the most common reason why websites are delayed from going live. Businesses may not realize how complex and time-consuming website creation is.  If you wait until the content and revisions phase to start writing your content, it is highly likely your website launch will be delayed. Knowing what you want on the site, and writing it during the design and development phases will expedite the development process and the end-result, a highly functioning, well-designed website. The Bit Lounge values your feedback and will ask for your input at regular intervals. It takes expertise and time to code and design a quality website, but when your website is finally launched you will see that the results are worth all the effort!

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Custom web design is considered a very technical discipline but when done properly will give your business the showcase it deserves.  Let our team of professionals design, develop and launch your new website to the world.

Thank you for visiting to find out more about your web design packages!  We hope you found it helpful. Each project requires a unique marketing strategy and we ensure that your website receives a custom evaluation. Give us a call to set up your free marketing consultation and we can discuss the web design goals for your project.

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