Difference Between a Custom Designed Website and a Build-It-Yourself Website

You may be wondering what’s the difference between a custom designed website and a build-it-yourself website?

It takes a lot of attention to detail to build an excellent website.  Websites that you build yourself have restrictions, are often cumbersome to use and business owners typically don’t have time to create a highly-stylized and functional website needed for their company.  This is true especially given the time commitment it takes to add content, create updates to products and services, while also attending to the details of operating their business.

The Bit Lounge has the experience and professionalism you need to have a quality website built and maintained for your company. With a proven track record,  we take great pride in having helped 100’s of clients improve their performance with well-prepared, carefully constructed and tech-driven websites.

How do we do this?  We strategically create quality content specific to your company’s profile. Quality content is one of many factors that increases site traffic,  improving your site’s authority, relevance and  SEO.    This translates into a strong and competitive internet presence for your company. 

The Bit Lounge provides custom evaluations and informed, relevant updates to your website’s product or service offerings to maintain an ongoing professional appearance to your website.

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Offering free, custom evaluation of your site while assessing your marketing needs we guarantee that each customer receives one-on-one personalized attention as a way to build trust in our  professional services. 

Thank you for visiting and we hope that you understand more on what’s the difference between a custom designed website and build-it-yourself website. 

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