LPG Muscle

Talks cheap but rest assured LPGmuscle was built on the promise of delivering Innovation, Performance, and Quality. To resistance fighters like you who strive to Lift More, Pull More, Grow More. Let it be said same old weight lifting equipment & accessories just won’t cut it here. We demand excellence and provide nothing less than what you came for.

You see our dedication to anything but status-quo began one snowy December morning back in 1975. When a once pimple faced dweeb hefted his first weight set from the trunk of Mothers Monte Carlo. And while we couldn’t have known it at the time, that bangin Christmas day cookie pump would grow into a lifelong weightlifting obsession. An iron addiction and 35year physical transformation that filled a room with trophies, a head with confidence, a gym full of customers, and lots and lots of ideas.

Thoughts of superior ways to squeeze more gain from the workout pain. The end result of those ‘what if’ visions are to be realized right here at LPGmuscle. In weightlifting products forged in the fires of competition. Created from the same mind to muscle transformational process that builds champions. As evidenced in revolutionary strength training equipment that speaks for itself workout after workout. So go ahead and order in confidence. Then take a hold and experience performance worthy of your quest for excess. With weight training products every bit as passionate about lifting as you are. Rock on with LPGmuscle. and Lift More, Pull More, and Grow More to your God given best!