Clark’s Coastal Vacation Homes

The owners-Maria and Eric Clark-have a long history of owning rental property and in 2018 moved into the short-term rental world and really enjoyed hosting people from all over the country and international guests as well.

Maria handles the reservations for the properties in Tenants Harbor, Maine and has a property management company – iTrips- manage the property in Charleston, South Carolina.

Coastal Vacation Homes Both Eric and Maria take great pride in hosting and always want to provide the best experience possible. They maintain the properties primarily and have some help from locals to provide the most comfortable and cleanest properties around with amenities that their guests can appreciate. They love to give local gifts and flowers to all their guests. It is truly a pleasure for them knowing that their guests are making memories of a special stay, fantastic boat ride, dinner with friends and family and so much more.

The Clark’s themselves fell in love with each of the areas and enjoy everything that is offered in these special locations. They want you to fall in love with Tenants Harbor and Charleston too! Come visit, explore and have fun is their motto. They’ll love seeing you and hope you find their homes and the areas as enchanting as they do.